Essential Oils.

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Always research each Essential Oil you are using to understand the benefits and recommended usage amounts.
Uses for Essential oils. 
When using essential oils, you should remember that you are working with chemical compounds. Thus, you should dilute the oils before allowing them to touch your skin directly, while taking appropriate care to protect your eyes and skin when using them.
Scented Candles
You can add essential oil to candle wax to create scented candles or candle melts.
The fragrance should last up to 1 year when stored tightly sealed away from air.
Scented Dryer Sheets
Adding your own scent to dryer sheets is easy by applying two drops of essential oil to an unscented fabric softener dryer sheet. Then, use the sheet as you normally would.
Scented Lotion
It is possible to change your lotion scent every day if you wish by using essential oils. To do this, add a drop of essential oil to a tablespoon of unscented lotion, and rub it together between your hands to mix before applying it to your skin.
Freshen a Drawer
You can add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and put it in a drawer, cupboard, or closet to freshen the air in the area. Then, you can replace the cotton ball once the essential fades away.
Take a Scented Bath
Adding 10 drops of essential oil to your warm bathwater can create a fragrant bath. After adding it, dim the lights, sit back, and relax.
Create Air Freshening Spray
Another way to add essential oil is to fill a spray bottle with distilled water, and then add 10 drops of essential oil to create an instant air freshening spray. You can then mist the water whenever you need to freshen up a room.
Scent a Room
Finally, you can put a few drops in potpourri or an oil burner to add scent to a room.