Kids Super Cool Slime.

  • $6.00

Super Cool Slime
Adult Supervision is Recommended.
The kit comes with everything you need. 
Keeps Kids entertained for hours.
Your Super Cool Slime is soft and pliable, Great for making funny shapes.
Won't stick to most clothing fabrics & carpets.
Cleaning up is easy just use water & a wet cloth.
We recommend your Super Cool Slime should be used with clean hands, on a clean tray, bench or plastic table. Your slime may need a little kneading once opened.
Do not use on wooden surfaces.
Keep away from dirt, sand and paper.
Keep in a resealable container when not is use.
If you're Super Cool Slime becomes too firm place in a bowl and cover with hot water and wait until Cold to reuse.
Your Super Cool Slime should last approximately 3 months. Enjoy :)

Not for Human Consumption